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Don’t Hide in Dark, Make Your Content Found Using SEO

By  Unknown     1/03/2013    Labels:,, 

You know how it feels when you write a great blog post and nobody ever reads it. Every website does not have a huge follower base, and when you are new it becomes more difficult to reach out to people.


SEO is a technique to help your website reach appropriate audience by making it appear on top of search results. There are many associated  things with SEO like Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and everything else but talking about them is not possible in a short post. In this post I am going to talk only about content and site optimization. It can help you get huge amount of traffic to your website when implemented properly. This post is written for SEO beginners however it may also be helpful for intermediate users. I will talk about each step one by one

Being on top is all about quality

When talking about search engines “Google” is the most dominant search engine in the web , followed by Yahoo and Bing. Google uses certain algorithms and conditions to rank a website among millions of web sites in Internet.  Google considers following factors while ranking sites :

Site Content

This is the most important factor in making your site popular. Sites that publish original content rank higher than sites which publish duplicate content. Having original and useful content also helps in building long term identity and respect for the site with web community. With evolution of social media content quality is now considered as most important factor in ranking of a website.

URL structure

URL’s are what users see in their web address bar, cramped url’s with special characters give no clue about content on a page and reduce the rank of a page. Having clean url’s with no spacial character and with appropriate keyword makes sure to search engines that the page is related to the topic and thus get better rankings.

Keywords in Page Title and URL

Keywords and phrases are what people search in search engines. If your target keyword appears in page title it may gauge search engines attention pretty easily. Keywords in the beginning of title are considered more important than in the end. Url’s are what people see in their web browser and it also makes sense to have the keyword in your url as it stats out the fact loudly that this url is about the particular topic only.

Backlinks pointing to your website.

Backlinks can make your site more accessible while making it more reputable. Search engines consider backlinks as one the most important factors in ranking a website. Websites that get backlinks from higher ranked websites are considered quality websites.

Domain name

Domain name should be kept small, unique and related to website content. One should avoid domain names which are complicated and can be misspelled. Domain names having keyword is also helpful in getting the right attention.

Site Map

Site map helps to index your site in search engines  properly. It helps to provide search suggestions with appropriate categories and pages. It also tells search engines about site structure and thus helps them in navigating through the pages comfortably.

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Privacy has become utmost important concern for everyone who is using web. Having a clean privacy policy gives users confidence about the site. It is considered good to list out all the cookie policy’s and tracking used by the web site to optimize site content.

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