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Wordpress Plugins To Get Best Of Your Wordpress Blog

By  Unknown     6/24/2014    Labels:, 

What is a Wordpress Plugin

Plugins are small piece of software program that can integrate with your wordpress installation and add additional features like gallery support for images, carts for e-commerce sites, spam detection for comments and much more.

Everyone uses plugins to optimize and make their blog more interactive and Wordpress plugin directory has huge number of plugins to accommodate everyone's needs. Below is a list of few popular plugins that can help you get most of your blogs.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a plugin that can improve your websites performance by various methods like caching, minifying and using content delivery networks.


Jetpack adds a lot of features like simple stats, email subscription, likes, comment system with social networking, contact forms and much more.

iThemes Security

Security is one of the most important aspect for any blogger or organization. iThemes Security is one of the most popular plugin to make your blog secure from hackers.

NextGen Gallery

NetGen Gallery is one of the most downloaded gallery plugins with over 10 million downloads. It provides abilities like batch uploads,import metadata, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums and much more.

Kindly share and reply with comments if you like this post, add your favorite plugins as well.

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